Student Visa Procedure

After  finishing  the  study  permit  process,  then  the  process  will  continue  at  the  Immigration  Head Office-Jakarta to obtain the approval letter that will be needed to obtain the student visa. The Head Office  of  Immigration -Jakarta  will  send  the  approval  letter  to  the  Indonesian  Embassy  in  your country of residence by telex visa. 

Documents required for application student visa: 

  1. Copy of study permit from Ministry of Education and Culture.
  2. Copy of Recommendation Letter from UPNVY, addressed to the Directorate of Immigration Headquarter, the Ministry of Law and Human Right.
  3. Copy of Acceptance Letter from UPNVY and completed application form.
  4. Letter of Recommendation  from  Indonesian  Embassy  (KBRI)  or  Consulate  General  of Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in the country of residence.
  5. Copy of transcript academic record
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  7. Two recent close-up photographs (4x6 cm) with red background
  8. Letter of Financial  Guarantee  to  cover  study  and  living  expenses  during  your  study  or  sponsorship certificate
  9. Health certificate from  legal-practising  medical-doctor  stating  that  the  student  is  both physically and mentally capable to conduct the studies.
  10. One copy of Passport.



  • Approval of  student  visa  process  will  take  2  (two)  weeks  after  the  study  permit  done  at  the Immigration Head Office-Jakarta.
  • After the  student  visa  approved  by    the  Head  Office  of  Immigration-Jakarta,  they  will  send  the letter  of  telex  visa  to  the  Indonesian  Embassy  or  the  Consulate  General  of  Republic  of  Indonesia  in your home country.


It  takes  about  7  (seven)  days  for  Immigration  Head  Office-Jakarta  to  send  the  telex  visa  to  the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General in your home country.  After that, you are able to apply the visa for 6 months or 1 year (depends on your period of study).