About Us


Our vision is to be an excellent service centre for international relation and cooperation.


  1. Improve and accelerate relationships and cooperation with foreign institutions to improve the services of the University
  2. Enhance international experience for local academic staffs and students, and introduce local wisdom and culture for international students and scholars


  1. Hospitality
  2. Professionalism
  3. Excellence


  1. Provide administrative services for international networking (MoU, MoA, contact points of University partners)
  2. Provide immigration services and advisory for foreign students and scholars who are visiting UPNVY, as well as for local students and academics who are going abroad
  3. Coordinate matters of international affairs with Faculty and Department
  4. Organize workshop and training for internal capacity building to support international cooperation
  5. Coordinate and facilitate international meetings and events
  6. Disseminate information on scholarships for academic staffs and students for the development of human resources and the regulations concerning international cooperation
  7. Coordinate University authorities to visits abroad