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Required Documents

1. High school diploma / equivalent or General Certificate of Education (A Level) or the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate or equivalent education certificate

2. Registration forms

3. Letter of recommendation from the intended study program

4. Receipt of registration payment from Bank

5. Photocopy of birth certificate

6. Curriculum vitae prospective students

7. The letter of acceptance (pass exams) of new students

8. Indonesian proficiency certificate (BIPA is an Indonesian language preparatory class for non-native speakers; TIBA is an Indonesian language proficiency test for non-native speakers)


1. Prospective new students pay a registration fee of new admissions

2. Prospective new students input data

3. Prospective new students carry out photo and validation

4. Prospective new students take a print out cards for new admissions test participants

5. Prospective new students taking the new admissions test

6. Prospective new students

7. Prospective new students who pass the test submit down payment (DP) and registration

8. Prospective new students get a temporary student card

9. Prospective new students pay student fees

10. New students get a student card



Required Documents

1. Valid last Student card or last payment receipt

2. Blank student identification card

3. Receipts of current payment of fees or tuition package from Bank


1. Student pays tuition at Bank.

2. Student comes to Registration Counter (Academic Section) to register

3. Registration Section receive a list of students who have been registrated and blank student card for attached photograph, stamped and laminated

4. Student takes the new Student Card at Registration Counter


Required Documents

1. Student exchange application form (provided OIA UPNVY)

2. Academic transcript: 3:00 min GPA

3. Score TOEFL / IELTS: in accordance with the standards of the university partner

4. Letter of agreement to attend Indonesian courses organized by UPNVY


1. Students through the International Office of partner university submitting the form and required document to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) UPNVY accordance with the deadlines (for the exchange program intake in August, the deadline: the last week of February; for intake in February, the deadline: last week in September).

2. Verification of documents and approval by OIA before to be forwarded Faculty / Department for assessment.

3. OIA send the application to the Faculty /Department for the assessment of applications.

4. Faculty / Department submit the results of assessment to OIA

5. OIA inform the partner university names of students who are accepted for the student exchange program in UPNVY.


Required Documents

1. Application Form which has been completed and signed by the Rector/President/Vice Chancellor of the University Partners

2. CV

3. Recommendation from the Dean of the Home University or Head of home institution

4. Summary of research proposal for the lecturer who will carry out research cooperation

5. Course syllabi for scholars who will be a guest lecturer.

6. Copy of passport

7. Evidence of communication / correspondence from partner universities / faculties / professors with UPNVY

8. Two 4X6 cm color photo (blue background to the research, red background for guest lecturers)

9. Health Certificate from the Doctor

10. Health and travel insurance


1 . Foreign lecturers from overseas university contact Home International Office to check whether the university already has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Agreement of Implementation (AOI) with UPNVY. If no then ask the Home International Office in order to contact the Office of International Affairs of UPNVY to establish cooperation with UPNVY. Scholars from partner universities should contact Faculty /Department to discuss research matters or lecture material .

2. Foreign lecturers through the Home International Office submit a form (can be obtained from the OIA website UPNVY or by sending email to : ) and requisite documents to the Office of International Affairs (OIA) UPNVY

3. Verification of documents and approval by OIA of UPNVY.

4. OIA send the application to the Faculty / Prodi for verification.

5 . Faculty / Prodi verify the application and send the results to OIA

6 . OIA send letters of recommendation to get a research permit from the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia cq . Secretariat for Foreign Researchers Licensing foreign lecturers who wish to conduct research in Indonesia .

7 . OIA send acceptance letter and a research permit from the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia to the partner university.

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